15th International Conference on Logistics & Sustainable Transport

27 - 28 Sept 2018

Join us at the ICLST2018.

The 15th International Conference on Logistics & Sustainable Transport (ICLST 2018) is being built upon successful previous ICLST conferences. It is a premier event in sustainable logistics and transport in the region. The objective of the conference is to provide a platform to present and to discuss relevant leading-edge Smart cities and communities topics, to exchange ideas and by bringing together a critical mass of researchers attempting to address these topics with new insights.

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We plan to bring together participants from academics from all disciplines, researchers, businesses, cities and communities, public institutions, decision-makers. The conference is being organized by the Faculty of Logistics of the University of Maribor, in collaboration with Jožef Stefan Institute – the coordinator of the Strategic Research & Innovation Partnership for the Smart Cities and Communities: Mobility, Transport and logistics and BTC Logistics Centre, the Slovenian provider of integrated logistics services.

Scope and focus: Smart Cities and Communities: Mobility, Transport and Logistics.

Becoming a smart city or community is nowadays more than a buzzword. Cities across the globe are installing technology to gather data in the hopes of saving money, becoming cleaner, reducing traffic, and improving urban life. Mobility, transport and logistics play a fundamental role in smart cities. Better parking, efficient lighting, improved traffic flow, smarter security, improved waste management, and disaster planning are all areas where technology can make an impact.

Venue and time

ICLST 2018 will be held from September 27–28, 2018 in Ljubljana, Slovenia, the Congress Hall at the BTC.


In all the topics we aim to address the topics of a“ Smart city and community” with focus on mobility, transport and logistics. Based upon responses to the Call for Papers, the final program will be elaborated into sub-topics.

Topics of this year’s conference include, but are not limited to

Smart Energy for Smart Mobility

The European Parliament states that smart cities can be identified and classified according to six main dimensions, including Smart Mobility and Smart Environment, which is closely related to intelligent energy approaches. The main subtopics of Smart energy for smart mobility will focus on smart grid as well as digital solutions for energy management and how new technologies (for example blockchain technologies) can change the business models and operators governance.

Green Mobility

One of the toughest environmental and social challenges of our time is managing the mobility of people and goods. Green (sustainable) mobility is essential for development of smart cities and communities. Though transport was not endorsed as a global SDG, largely because the sector has to be included in various one. The subtopics of Green mobility will focus on Smart Transport Infrastructure and Networks, Smart transportation models, “City services” mobility, Sustainable urban mobility and rural-urban linkages, Inclusive mobility, E- and autonomous mobility, Intelligent and multimodal transport, Smart traffic analysis & management.

New technologies for Smart cities

The excitement over the smart city is being upgraded, so we want to make an overview of key new technologies for smart cities in this part of the conference that will change these cities and, of course, in what way. We want to focus on blockchain technologies, how they can help building smart cities and how they can secure smart cities using its’ technologies. Other technologies that alter the perceptions of smart cities also includes Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, Augmented reality applications, big data, cloud computing, Artificial intelligence, Cybersecurity, physical internet etc.

First and/or last mile logistics in Smart cities

Traditional modes of transport and delivery will be revolutionized. The idea of integrated mobility services is emerging. Today’s consumers have very high expectations when it comes to product deliveries. Last-mile deliveries to consumers and merchants in urban areas pose a variety of challenges for logistics companies. We want to focus on how First and last mile (people and goods) will developed in smart cities.

Conference Schedule

The programme will include regular paper & poster sessions, mini symposia, several mini roundtables and social events. Networking and capacity building will be facilitated during the conference.

Abstract/Paper Submission

We are inviting authors to prepare original articles, state of the art reviews, or case studies for the ICLST 2018. Abstracts in English of 300–400 words by the accepted template and send it via online submission system. The abstracts must be prepared in English.  Please note that any abstracts received after June 15, 2018 will be put on a reserve list. The file name should be first author’s surname. Please include names, affiliations and contact details of all authors.

Please submit your abstracts on http://iclst.fl.um.si by June 15, 2018. By June 29, 2018, after scientific review of the abstracts, the authors of the selected abstracts will be invited to submit full papers by September 3, 2018. All submissions should be developed based upon the editorial guidelines provided on the webpage, which can be accessed on http://iclst.fl.um.si.

After the conference, scientific committee of the ICLST2018 will select the articles to be published for potential publication in the special issues of Scientific journals.

The list will be published in the next few days.

Please use the following format for your paper and abstract. Here you can find all the detailed information about the paper/abstract preparation. In case your paper or abstract is not in the suitable format, it will be returned to the sender.

Abstract Template

Paper Template

June 15, 2018 – Abstract Submission

June 29, 2018 – Scientific Review of the abstracts

September 3, 2018 – Full Paper Submission

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Fee and Payment

Registration Fees:

for presenters
€ 360 Professionals
€ 240 Academics
€ 90 Students, unemployed

for participants
€ 390 Listeners

*Conference fee (in EUR) includes full conference programme, refreshments on Thursday and Friday, lunch on Thursday and conference social event.
**In case of registration after 17 September 2018 the fees are 20 % higher.

Payment should be made from 1 June till 15 August 2018 to the address of the institution: University of Maribor, Faculty of Logistics, Mariborska cesta 7, SI-3000 Celje, bank name and address: UJP Žalec, Šlandrov trg 22, SI-3310 Žalec, account IBAN: SI56011006000010887, SWIFT CODE: BSLJSI2X with a postscript ‘forICLST2018’ followed by the participant’s surname, for example ‘forICLST2018SMITH’. As a reference please quote: 0701.

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